shubhra prakash - शुभ्रा प्रकाश

Priya's Mask
a comic book and short film.

chapter 4 of Priya's Shakti series of augmented reality comic books.

art above by Syd Fini and Neda Kazemifar.

Fontwala : Stone to mobile, what remains ?
a Digital art exhibition.

art above by Rajeev Prakash Khare.

The Music In My Blood
A stage play with live indian classical music.

art above by Sonalee Hardikar featuring Michael Gentile in role of Dr. Walter Kaufmann.

Random fox productions
short films. interactive content. created by and featuring persons of color in lead roles.
Additional : Co-Founder at Hypokrit Theatre Company Contact : | 510.299.4755 U.S. | +919599967044 India